An independent apartment, perfect for couples
Kongsfjord Artic Lodge - Whale Apartment 2
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Whale Apartment

Whale Apartment

This apartment in the Ocean house dates the first historical track back to 1900, when the owners, the family Gjæver-Pedersen, moved the house from the Kjølnes Lighthouse to Veines, a practice which was advantageous and very common until mid-1940s, owing to the high price of the building materials. The house was later bought by Olaf and Hanna Olsen and permanently inhabited until 1964. After that year it was used as a holiday house until 2011, when Kongsfjord Gjestehus bought it and started with the renovation works.

Located in the ground floor of the Ocean house. You will be able to enjoy the sea views from your front window and use the kitchen where you will be able to cook your favourite meals.

Minimum stay of two nights
1 - 2 people
1 King size bed
This house offers the possibility to enjoy a cozy room with views of the fjord
Cook your own food in a kitchen equipped with all the utensils, a large refrigerator, stove, oven and coffee maker
The bathroom is equipped with a hairdryer, shower gel and towels
Price per whole apartment per night 2.500 NOK
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