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Our Company

The Kongsfjord Arctic Lodge is part of a constantly growing company, Skua Nature Group. Since summer 2020, we are also the owners of the Kongsfjord Guesthouse.

In Skua Nature Group we believe in the extraordinary value that nature represents, and our challenge has always been considering it also an economic value. Nature as an inspiration, as a business model, as a holistic focus, as an opportunity. Our intention is to raise awareness among the society, to teach that living nature has more value than dead nature, that this is the world we live in and if we don’t keep it safe, we will never be.

Our network of activities represents a global project that, thanks to specific technical abilities, alternative commercial visions, knowledge, passion and a team united by real motivations, is able to create or restore ideal natural spaces for the development of sustainable nature tourism that produces an economic and positive impact in the territory and allow the development of the necessary conservation actions.

13 years developing projects
50 countries in which we are present
+60.000 people reaching every years